2020....Year of Accomplishment?

2020....Year of Accomplishment?

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Hey guys! It is my first blog post using my custom domain name and, I am super excited. I have procrastinated a lot about improving my writing skills but, we have it with my 2020 year review. As 2020 would come to an end in few days, I would like to reflect on the ups and downs; strengths and weaknesses as an intentional human being (yeah winks). Then, I would like you to draw out a few lessons from them. But, before we get started, this blog post would be in two parts. So, here's part 1. Happy reading!

Pre-November 2019

I believe my life in its entirety changed in May 2019 when I attended the Google Digital Skill class, organized by a club in my faculty. Note: I am a law student. The anchor stated several Tech skills that are relevant as the world is evolving. I remembered my first contact with Tech but, I was naive to understand its future impact. After the class, I reached out to my friend, Lekan, who volunteered to teach me JavaScript before then. We both concluded on me getting a laptop before learning. It is safe to say that the conversation marked a new beginning in my life.

November - December 2019

After my second year examination, I searched for alternative ways of developing a Tech skill with a laptop. I was restless about this. I told myself I wanted to be more intentional about my life. I started to learn things I did not know earlier. I surfed the internet rigorously while waiting for the miracle that'd happen with a laptop. As Curt Kampmeier said, "If you're going to grow, you have to be intentional." I was passionate about growing till I reached out to someone, Sophiya Sadiq. She guided me till I started a course on Freecodecamp.org.

At cchubnigeria.com, there is a learning environment where I had access to a laptop and Wi-Fi for free, which is American Corner. My Tech journey began on the 24th of December 2019 (a year already as I write). Before the end of the year, I wrote my goals for 2020; and I looked forward to achieving great stuff in the year.

I don't want to make the blog post long but, I must reiterate few things:

  1. Be intentional. Search and keep searching on how to be better.
  2. Do not procrastinate success. Success would not come knocking at your door. You work for it.
  3. Seek help when necessary. Reach out to relevant people when stuck. You can not do it alone.
  4. Lastly, have the right mindset while threading the path of success. It is normal to fall so that you would pick up the pieces and rise again.

The second part would come up before the new year. Thank you for reading my first blog post. It was nice having you here.

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